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What We Believe

          The longing and yearning in your heart is an indication there is a  personal God and it is from the depths of that longing and yearning that comes all the evidence your natural relationship with Him is broken.

           In Grace Lutheran Church you will not receive moralistic “how to” lessons to fix your natural broken relationship with God because God’s Word says that is impossible for you to do.  Nor will you receive therapeutic “be happy” affirmations it is okay to go on living in a broken relationship with God because God’s Word says that will be eternal condemnation for you.

        Instead, in this church you will be given the Gospel - the Good News that Jesus Christ is true God who became a true human also and who historically lived, suffered, died, and rose from death to life to forgive your sins.

         Here, you will hear that you are a sinner, that in Christ your sins are forgiven, and in Christ your life is transformed - even through suffering.  For by God’s Word, we believe only the forgiveness of sins can fix our natural broken relationship with God and transform how we live.

What We Believe: About
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