Grace Lutheran Church
Monday, March 30, 2015

Commons Freeze

What is the Commons Freeze? 
We are uniting with churches from Destin, FWB, Niceville & Valparaiso to do a public outreach at the Commons. In this unique event, students will wear black tshirts with a one word testimony of struggles they experienced in their life. After the freeze @ 7pm, they will unveil a white shirt underneath with another one word testimony about how God is in the process of bringing change to their lives.
What can I do? 
Pray. Pray. Pray. Biblically and historically in the history of the church ... prayer precedes great movements of God! Call out to God that he would begin rocking a generation & shaking us free of everything that holds us back from running free for Him!
Share this video with a friend. Email your friends and encourage them to check out this site: 
The Gospel video you see below will be posted there Friday night. Help us get out the good news about Jesus!!!
Check out the One Word Stories from over 50 of the students who participated in the Commons Freeze!